Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Front Ruffle Sweater & Skinny Jeans

I am in love with the jewelry tone for this holidays season. Intense and rich colors me feel so luxurious.

I took my daughter to see Santa last week. We stand in line for more than 2 hours. Can you imagine managed a 5 year old who is very hyperactive running around non-stop for 2 hours! I was mentally and physically exhausted. But we had a mission and we finally saw Santa. 

Even though my feet hurt badly because I was wearing pointed high heel for the photo. I stopped by Club Monica to check out their big sale and found this beautiful ruffle front sweater in marino wool. Very soft and comfortable. I felt in love with this sweater immediately. While shopping, the sale associate was so nice to let my daughter played with their stuff animals decor. I am definitely return to this store :-)

The trip to West Field Mall at Union Square cannot complete without visiting Nordstrom. I have been looking for the suede pumps in berry color and when I tried on this pair, I knew they are the perfect pair to wear to work or any occasion. They are comfortable, well made and have the right amount of height. They come in 5 colors and on sale at the unbelievable price. 

I hope you are enjoying the holidays season. It is the most wonderful time of the year but also can be very stressful. Please relax and try to enjoy the love and joy of this season.

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