Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pumpin Picking in Chunky Sweater & Ripped Jeans

One reason I love about the fall season is that I can do layering. Cool weather makes styling more fun and nothing wrong with mixing colors into your outfit.

LV Tote Bag / Similar Tote Bag 
Wool Hat / Similar Wool hat

It is our traditional to pick the pumpkins in Half Moon Bay. There were many pumpkin patch along the way and we pretty much stop at every pumpkin patch :-) As you can see it was a cloudy and foggy day. Super windy and cold. Luckily, I was wearing this chunky sweater. It kept me warm even though the wind got through the ripped jeans! But seriously, this sweater is a perfect fall staple. It comes in two colors, grey and dark brown, the one I was wearing. 

I love high heels with all my heart but recently I have been wearing low heels because I have many activities that required fast movement. These booties are the perfect walking booties. I love the rich green seude color which is perfect for the fall season. The suede added the luxury and glamerous feeling to it. Of course, the wool hat is must have. It makes you look stylish instantly. 

Hope you are having fun. Thank you for visiting.
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