Sunday, July 03, 2016

Red, White, and Blue

Wearing: Off Shoulder Denim (Love this one too) White Ripped Jeans (More selection 1 / 2 ) Red Clutch (Similar here)  Sandals (Love this 1 / 2)  Sunglasses.

Happy 4th of July! I love red, white, and blue and would wear these colors any day. But today is so special and I am so proud to be an america J. I can't deny that the off shoulder is the big trend of this season and I own a few styles of this trend especial with the ruffle touch. Somehow I feel so pretty in it. This off the shoulder denim is from Macy's I love the polka dot print. Such a cute look. The ripped jeans are my uniform and it ripped in the right places J.

My red sandals also have the polka dot print. When I got the off shoulder polka dot top, I didn't even think about my sandals. I was going through my shoes collection and remember I have this pair and love to wear them with my new off shoulder polka dot top.

This clutch is my all time favorite because of its unique hardware accent and the leather is such a high quality. The outfit I am wearing today can be easier mixed with other pieces for the summer fashion and you will see that I will repeat these pieces many times.

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  1. Such a fun look! I love the top so much <3 xo, sharon