Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twirling on the Beach

Wearing: Gypsies Dress (Similar here) Via Spiga Sandals (In black here). H & M StrawHat.

Spending my morning in downtown Half Moon bay, then headed to the Pacifica beach. It was a gorgeous day. Warm but breezy at the beach, the weather was absolutely perfect to spend the day at the beach. I noticed this summer was warmer than last year. The climate change does exist!

My daughter loves beaches. She was used to going to the beaches almost every day when she was living in KrabiThailand. She didn’t know the water was cold even in the warm day but she learned fast after running into the ocean J.

My favorite thing in the whole world is to spend some quality times with her. As a single mom and working full time, sometimes it could be a challenge to balance work/life. I am sure I am not alone. So glad we had so much fun at the beach. We went home after the sunset. Hope you are enjoying the summer!
Thank You for Visiting,
With Love – CJ

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