Friday, June 26, 2015

Lace Trim Chambray Maxi Dress in Bishop, CA

 Wearing: Maxi Dress.  Straw Hat. Balenciaga Studded Wedges and Classic Town Bag.

I spent my long weekend in Bishop a few week ago. Actually, I was on my way to Las Vegas. It was getting late and decided to stay in this town. I am so glad I discovered this town. All I can say is ‘stunning’ views. The town slogan is “Small Two with a Big Backyard” and I completely agree. I have never imagined a small town, in the middle of nowhere would be this beautiful. The mountain views were so incredible. You can see the background in my pictures. Look like the movie scenes. The town was quiet. Maybe because it wasn’t a tourist season. I wished I could stay here longer to explore this amazing town. But need to leave to the sin city. I would highly recommend this place if you need to get away from busy life and just unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Oh! I forgot to mention, they have the best organic café named Black Sheep Café Roasters.

Thank You for Visiting,
With Love - CJ

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