Friday, October 21, 2016

Pleated Midi Dress

Hi Everyone. We had a rare warm day in San Francisco and I was so happy to have the opportunity to wear this pretty pink dress.

Chanel Espadrille / Similar Espadrille  Also love this loafer
LV Tote bag / Similar Tote bag Love this mini bag
Valentino Sunglasses / Similar White Frame Sunglasses

My daughter actually picked the dress for me to wear to day. She promised me to wear a dress if I let her pick what I wear. It is so hard to get her to wear a dress and here we are in the nude/pink tone :-)

I have been looking for a pleated skirt to wear with a sweater. When I found this dress on ASOS, I couldn't be more satisfy with its style. I can wear it by itself  just like I did today and I feel so pretty in it :-) or I can put a sweater over it so I kill two birds with one stone! This dress is actually working appropriate, just need a structure blazer and you would look so chic and professional at the same time. Walking in San Francisco is faster than driving a car, for this reason, I own many good walking shoes. I know this espadrille is a little pricey but considering its style, quality, and comfy I decided to get them and they worth every penny. If you want to invest in the espadrille, you wouldn't be disappointed to get this pair.

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    1. It has been a while since I wear a dress. It's so nice to finally found the dress that I can wear and be comfortable playing with my daughter. Thank you so much for stopping by.