Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stripes T-Shirt & Distressed Jeans on Laguna Beach

Wearing: Stripes T-Shirt (Love this one too). Distressed Jeans (Similar here/here). Wool Hat. Sunglasses (similar here). Watch (Love this one too.)

It was cold this weekend and I wanted to escape to somewhere warm and not too far. Laguna Beach was a great choice. It was in 70s the weekend we were here. This was my first time visiting the town and absolutely love it. It reminded  me of Camel but surprisingly not too developed. 

Like every tourist places, there were many shops and restaurants. After the window shopping. My daughter was ready to go to the beach. We spent all afternoon enjoying the sun and just relax and unwind. I was super casual, t-shirt and comfortable jeans that all I need. I love this beach and highly recommended if you want to go somewhere that still maintains the old town charming and warm enough to enjoy the beautiful ocean view in fall/winter. But was still cold at night. Hope you like the photos I posted.

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  1. These photos are amazing! Love the super casual style of distressed jeans and a striped tee. You look super classy and beach ready! Gorgeous!

    :) Molly |

  2. Thank you Molly. You are so sweet.