Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Camel Coat for Cold Day in San Francisco

Wearing: Camel Coat (More selection here/here). Ripped Jeans (Similar here/here/here).  Sweater (Similar here/here). Slippers (More selection here/here). Chanel Bag (Similar here/here). Beanie Pom Pom (Love this one). Sunglasses.

Hi Everyone. This look was from the day after Christmas. I spent time with my daughter in my beloved city, San Francisco. We were walking to the Fairmont Hotel to see the Ginger Bread House. Of course, we made several stops because my daughter was so curious about everything we saw along the way. It was supposed to be 20 minutes walking but turned into 2 hours! but we had such a wonderful time together.

It was so cold but sunny and this camel coat from Mango was a great piece to wear in this kind of weather. My new distressed jeans were a gift and I am so glad I got to pair them with this coat. They were from Siwy Jeans, super comfortable and a perfect choice for a long distance walking and playing with my daughter at the playground. I wore a soft pink sweater inside. It was from J. Crew but sold out. Similar style here. I wear high heel almost every day. They make me taller and boost my confident level LOL (I am 5.2”) but I do wear flats and this pair was from Toms. I don’t have to tell you how comfortable they are. This pair have thin faux fur inside and  keep my feel warm and cozy.

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